Halloween is fun for everyone if safety rules are followed.  October is also known as Fire Safety Month.  Halloween safety and fire safety go hand in hand.  The Co-op City Department of Public Safety would like to share the following tips to help ensure safety all year long.

Fall is a good time to brush up on fire safety tips and prepare for the upcoming winter season.  Residents are encouraged to change the batteries in their smoke detectors when they set their clocks behind as Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday November 7th.  Always remember to change your smoke detector batteries when you change your clock.  Check your smoke detector on a monthly basis.

Open flames and candles should not be used for Halloween or any other time of the year.  Halloween costumes can easily drape over flames and catch fire. Small battery operated lights can be used as a safe alternative to votive candles.  They flicker and create the same effect with none of the danger.  Always keep flashlights with fresh batteries on hand for power outages or other emergencies.  Candles should never be used.

Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Children should trick-or-treat during daylight hours.
  2. Children should never be allowed to go out alone on Halloween.
  3. Children should never eat any treats until they have been examined.
  4. All fruit should be cut and and closely examined before eating.
  5. Advise children that they should never enter strangers’ homes.
  6. Never invite children into your home.
  7. Children should never accept rides from strangers.
  8. Children should never take shortcuts through backyards or alleys.
  9. Set a specific time limit for your children to be out on Halloween night.
  10. Give wrapped homemade treats only to children you know.
  11. Instruct children not to stray from their group.
  12. A responsible adult should escort children while trick-or-treating.
  13. Adult escorts should carry flashlights.
  14. Don’t leave your home unattended on Halloween night.
  15. Keep pets inside your home, or other safe place on Halloween night.
  16. Children should walk, not run, during their trick-or-treat activities.
  17. Parents should know what route their children will be taking.
  18. All costumes should be made of light-colored, fireproof material.
  19. Children should wear proper fitting, comfortable costumes and shoes.
  20. Props such as toy swords should be made of pliable material.
  21. Realistic replica firearms should never be used.
  22. Masks should not be worn if they impair vision.
  23. Wigs should be fireproof and should not restrict vision.
  24. Children should always use sidewalks, not the street, for walking.
  25. Children should look in all directions before crossing the street.

Members of the community are urged to call 9-1-1 or Public Safety at (718) 671-3050 if any suspicious activity is observed.  Remember “If you see something, say something”.  All calls are kept confidential.  Callers do not have to give their name or address to give information.

                      Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.