The Training Unit is responsible for the planning, development, administration, and documentation of all training programs for recruits, in service personnel and dispatchers.  All training meets or exceeds the requirements of the City and the Division of Criminal Justice Services of the State of New York, of which the Bureau for Municipal Police is a part.

All members of the Unit are certified police instructors and are also certified as instructors in specialized disciplines such as firearms, special weapons and defensive tactics.

After careful screening and interviewing, each officer selected is placed in a 7 week training course which includes, but is not limited to all the necessary subject material that is required by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services for training as a Peace Officer.

Additional training is provided for use of physical control of a subject to gain compliance and control as well as, the use of aerosol restraint spray ( OC) which has been utilized by the department for some time now. Each recruit officer is required to be exposed to the spray.

Upon graduating recruit officers spend several weeks in the field with experienced officers who will explain the various buildings and numbering system that are used. Their ability to interact with residents will be monitored closely as well as their performance in the filed.

Due to the vast cultural mixtures within the community, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to instructing each officer in proper dialogue. While in training ETHICS is an important subject, Officers are held to much higher standard than a civilian and therefore must always present and conduct themselves in professional manner.

Shortly after preliminary training recruit officers are cleared to begin Firearms training.