Co-op City is a state supervised (DHCR) Mitchell Lama cooperative housing development, located in the northeast corner of the Bronx just below Pelham Manor. (previous site of Freedomland) Co-op City is home to approximately 60,000 residents; the complex covers nearly 15 square miles. Made up of 35 high rise buildings 3 separate shopping centers, 240 duplex townhouses, and two school complexes, including an Educational Park and eight garages, each handling approximately 1200 vehicles. We maintain the privilege of being the world's largest housing development.

Enforcement powers for the Co-op City Department of Public Safety are found under the following laws and codes. New York State Criminal Procedure law; section 2.10.27 Special Patrolman City of New York. City of New York administrative code; section 14-106 Rules and procedures for Special Patrolmen promulgated May 1985, Authority of the police commissioner City of New York.   

All department members have completed the basic course for peace officers, as mandated by the bureau of municipal police and are registered with the Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany.  Additionally, each officer undergoes annual firearms / F.A.T.S. training as well as any offered training from New York State police,  N.Y.P.D. or any other law enforcement agency.