Public Safety Report

Co-op City Department of Public Safety offers Halloween Safety Tips.


This year Clown costumes are very popular in the media. It seems like in many cases some of the reports of Clown sightings may be an internet hoax but it is still a good idea to be alert. Halloween Costumes worn by adults or older teens for no legitimate purpose is never a good idea. Obstructing one’s identity can be against the law or against rules in certain areas. Please notify Public Safety if you observe masked adults acting in a suspicious manner.


Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike.  There are a wide range of potential risks on Halloween that could take all the fun away from the day.  By being aware of the hazards and taking steps to avoid them you can have a fun and safe Halloween.  The Department of Public Safety has provided these safety tips to keep you safe this Halloween.


Roadways present a serious hazard to Trick or Treaters.  Children may become distracted by all the excitement and run into traffic.  Remind children that they should only cross streets at the corners.  Motor vehicle drivers should be extra alert to young ghouls and goblins who may dart into traffic.  If Trick or treating at dusk or darkness place reflective tape on costumes.  Adults should always accompany young children.


Care should be used when selecting costumes.  Loose costumes or large shoes can present a tripping hazard.  Masks can reduce vision.  Makeup is much more comfortable and does not obstruct vision.  Always remove masks when crossing the street.  Consider enlarging eye openings if a mask is worn.  Fake swords or other props should be made of a soft material and not contain sharp edges.

Fire presents a serious hazard on Halloween.  Candles should never be used to light Jack o Lanterns or for any other purpose.  Small battery operated L.E.D. lights simulate even the flickering of a real flame with none of the hazard.  Flashlights or light sticks can be carried for illumination purposes. These items used to be very expensive but are now available at discounted prices. Costumes and wigs should be of a flame resistant material.  Instruct children to avoid going near flames which could easily ignite costumes.


Halloween costumes provide identity concealment for persons intending to commit a crime.  Halloween pranks such as egg throwing and shaving cream spraying can often turn to violence.  Parents of older children and teens should check on the whereabouts and activities of their children.  Early curfews should be put in place even though there is no school the next day.  As the hour grows later, the number of persons with bad intentions using Halloween as a guise increases.  Residents are encouraged to call the Public Safety Department at (718)671-3050 or 911 if they observe any suspicious activity during the Halloween season.  


Children should never enter anyone’s house or apartment for any reason.  All treats should be received at the door.  Younger children should be accompanied by an adult or older child.  Make sure an adult is aware of the route children intend to follow.  Treats received should be checked by an adult before being eaten.  Discard any non-packaged candy or any candy with a torn wrapper.     


On Thursday October 27, 2016 a Halloween Costume and Movie Party will take place in the Dreiser Auditoriums from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. This party is recommended for kids of all ages, accompanied by an adult. Saturday October 29, 2016 and Sunday October 30, 2016  from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM the Haunted House will take place in Bartow Community Center Room 28. The Haunted House is recommended for children ages 5-12 accompanied by an adult. All Halloween activities are free, sponsored by the Riverbay Fund and offer a safe alternative to Trick or Treating. The Public Safety Department would like to wish all residents a Happy and safe Halloween.         


Please be reminded that no personal property is to be left or stored in any of the public areas of the buildings including hallways, stairways, compactor rooms, basements, laundry rooms, etc. This includes bicycles, carriages, strollers, scooters, furniture, toys, etc. Leaving or storing property anywhere other than within your apartment presents a fire hazard. Cooperator may be held responsible for the removal or disposal of any property left in this manner.


School is open, DRIVE CAREFULLY.  Never pass a stopped school bus with a STOP sign displayed or its red lights flashing.  This means children are loading or unloading.  Be aware of pedestrians and bike riders when operating a motor vehicle.  Bike riders must refrain from riding bicycles near buildings and shopping centers.  Bicycle riders must give pedestrians the same level of respect that they expect from motor vehicles.  Everyone needs to share the road safely.


Never operate a motor vehicle if you have consumed alcoholic beverages. Never get in a vehicle being driven by someone who has consumed alcoholic beverages. Carry cab fare in case you require a safe ride home.  Always buckle your seatbelt; it will save your life in a serious collision.  Avoid distractions and excess speed when driving; these are the two leading causes of collisions within New York State.


Always remember, if you see something, say something.  If you see suspicious persons in the garage or lurking near parked vehicles on the street, an auto crime could be taking place, an auto crime could be ready to happen, notify the authorities.  Call 911 and the Department of Public Safety at (718)671-3050 or online at  Callers may remain anonymous when giving information.    


The Co-op City Department of Public Safety would like to thank all persons who have called in suspicious activity or sent information via our website. It is by your actions that the crime rate remains low and a high quality of life is maintained.


Co-op City is a diverse community with people of all ages, abilities and characteristics. All persons should remember to respect each other and embrace their differences. Don’t forget to say hello to your neighbors when you pass each other in the hallway or in the street. Co-op City strives to accommodate all persons. As Stevie Wonder said at the Grammys “We need to make every single thing accessible to every person with a disability”.   It is also important to remember that not all disabilities are visible. Someone who appears to be healthy may have a physical or developmental disability. 


October is awareness month for AIDS, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Depression, Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida.  October 10th is known as World Mental Health Day, October 13th Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day and October 15th is Blind Americans Equality Day. This is a good opportunity to learn about these diseases and disabilities or others which may affect your friends, family members or neighbors. It is a good time to learn about your neighbors and celebrate your differences and similarities.  Knowledge is power, the more you learn the stronger you become.